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Earlier for any wedding, birthday party, or any other occasion, we had to inspect each and every venue physically. This used to be a very tedious and time-consuming process. To resolve this, My Party Villa came into existence. On our portal, you can browse our innumerable listings, read about the fanciest of party places around, talk to our manager, negotiate the prices and book the venue, all from your home’s comfort. Our commitment to our users is that My Party Villa would provide only the best and the most exclusive venues to you.

We at My Party Villa feel that on your momentous occasion, the only thing you should be in a mood and headspace for is a party. We all love to plan parties, but the hassle and the issues that come along with that are a big buzz-kill. We are the biggest online portal organization in the market in the segment of venue providers. Whatever may your momentous occasion, we have just the best venue for that.

our fundamental objective is that we wish to make the party a simple process from planning to execution. Be it your birthday party, anniversary party, wedding shenanigans, or pre-wedding rituals, we have got a place for all these occasions.

So delve into the ease of booking party venues and learn the new cool way of doing the same.

Bookings Made Easy By My Party Villa

As per your demand and occasion, we give you highly tailored recommendations and suggestions with regard to the farmhouses and the villas you should select. Our highly trained venue experts intend to make your special day, a little extra special and for that, the recommendations are based upon your budget, your choice of location in your city, and most importantly your number of guests.

Your satisfaction and the idea that you deserve the best is our underlying principle and the driving force. We constantly strive to give you nothing but the best and intend to make your party the buzz of the town.

About Venues

1. Farmhouses –
Farmhouses are multi-purpose and versatile options to host a party for your friends or family. With the availability of huge indoor and outdoor spaces, ambient and elegant décor, and most importantly, plenty of bedrooms, this farmhouse for a party can comfortably host about 100-150 people. Farmhouses also boast about the availability of swimming pools,

2. Villas –
Villas are absolutely spectacular set-ups that provide a fabulous private space for you to spend quality time with your friends and your loved ones. Ideal for occasions such as house parties, birthday parties, get-togethers, villas never cease to make you feel cherished and at peace. With rooftops and terrace parties being the options for a party, villas have the capacity to house up to 25 people.


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I booked a Goyal Outhouse in Jaipur using the website of www.mypartyvilla.com I would strongly recommend it to all of you. They present a large variety of outhouses and villas. The places they offer are very beautiful and rather prettier in reality than in pictures. The team was also very supportive at each and every step during the process.
by Mohit Rana
The experience with My Party Villa that I had was spectacular. Very courteous lot of people and very supportive too. They gave me great recommendations for Gazibo Outhouse which had all the amenities. I booked a villa in Jaipur for a party with my friends and it was just as promised, superb. Loved the whole experience.
by Abhimanyu Shekhawat
I had heard about My Party Villa from my friend. She told me they were very good at their work and so I decided to try their services. It turned out just as I heard. They carefully heard and understood me, they gave recommendations for outhouses for our house party and all the options were well within my budget. The location was great too.
by Apoorva Arora
It was my first time booking a villa online. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and we along with our friends went to a party in a Kuber Vatika in South Jaipur. It was very safe and the entire process made us feel very comfortable. The people of the My Party Villa were very friendly and supportive and gave good ideas for how to plan a party.
by Kritika Mathur

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